Saturday, August 10, 2019

The shift by manufacturing and service firms from acting as standalone Essay

The shift by manufacturing and service firms from acting as standalone entities, to being parts of wider networks of firms, may have important implications for - Essay Example The strategy is the choice which leads an outcome, and among different strategies the company chooses the one that suits better with the company and helps in achieving the best. The term "Comparative Advantage" means that the companies shares the best resources with each other in order to provide various prices of the product that provide the edge for the advantage. The last term "Networks of Firms" means that the firms are now trying to adopt the strategy that were similar to the networking of different departments within a single organizations. The networks of firms between different companies are a simple strategy that is used to provide comparative advantage to the companies involved in networking. The new term the roadmaps is now in used in which the different companies across the world adopt the process of networking through which they use to share information's, technologies and different issues related to business in order to provide a standardized product to the world. Usual ly this strategy is adopted in order to provide the quality product at a very low cost as the companies are using the cost-effective strategy. The companies use to share their resources, information's and technology that lower their cost when they work alone. The strategy is used in order to capture the global market with minimum uncertainty. The strategy is not even the cost-effective but also it reduces the time cost. The companies do not need to spend their time in allocating resources and information. From the last few years the departments of a single company is using the techniques of networking. This help in improving the communication levels within the departments and enhance the better management system. Usually this networking helps the prime activities to communicate very efficiently with the support activities. These enhance the quality system and process among the departments. Similar is the case with the roadmaps. The roadmaps development helps in sharing the different resources and information among different companies that enhances the operational cost of each product and provide quality with low price tag on the product. The strategy of roadmaps is only used when you require the standard product and for diversifying the product at global level with minimum uncertainty it is consider that the roadmaps strategy works very well. Starting our main topic, the Roadmaps, it is very similar to the networking of different departments. But the only thing is that developing the roadmaps is very complicated and complex process and need a lot of time in developing the different phase of the roadmaps. The roadmaps development is divided in three phases. While description of these phases we are using the simple ways rather making it more complex. The very first step or phase is the preliminary which itself consist of three phases or steps. The very first step of the phase 1 is satisfying the essential conditions, the second step is providing leadership or sponsorship and the very last step is defining the scope of technological road map. The step of satisfying the essential condition involves the organizations to satisfy on the rules and regulation in order to work together. Different planning horizons with perspectives are drive out within each organization and thus these are

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