Sunday, July 28, 2019

Project Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Project Managment - Essay Example The scope of this event covers offering the better management and support in arranging overall winter themed event in a new holiday park. Our team is going to arrange, manage and control the overall activities for the installation of the ice rinks and managing the concert at the park. In this scenario we are aimed at offering better services and opportunities to the public. This project is also aimed at offering effective management skills to overall activities of the project. The management of the new holiday park who is going to hold this event is main stakeholder of this event. After that our project management firm is also a stakeholder in this event. Most importantly public is a main stakeholder in this event. Since, the public will go to view and enjoy this event. Cost Risks: In holding event at the new holiday park we can face risk regarding the overall project completion within allocated project budget. In this scenario if project takes more cost or time the overall project cost will increase that will lead toward the failure of overall project. To complete this project within allocated time we need to plan the overall resource in way that it could offer better control on overall project costing and resource consumption. Time Risks: In this project we can have time related risk. Thus, to mitigate this kind of risk we need to complete this project within allocated time and resources. For this task we need to plan the project in a better way. Thus, we will require paying more attention on WBS and project time plan. Technical Risks: In this project we can face critical technical risks. The main risk is about the installation of the ice rinks that can involve some technical complexity. In this regard we need to establish some back up technical plan to manage this type of risks. Social Risks: In this event establishment we can disturb to local public. To effectively manage the local public affairs we need to make a social committee that can consult and

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